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Rotary Screw Compressors
with Direct Drive 25-125hp


Models: ASD to CSD series 
Horsepower: 25-125 hp 
Capacities:  110-576 cfm 
Standard pressures 80-217 psig

Maximum efficiency and reliability have long been synonymous with Kaeser Compressors. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually enhance and optimize our compressed air system solutions. With a cutting edge research and development team committed to producing industry leading products, Kaeser constantly strives to offer lasting solutions for our customers' compressed air needs. The ASD - CSD series rotary screw compressor delivers on all accounts.



Integral Moisture Separator

A moisture separator is integrated into the stainless steel discharge piping. This unique design maximizes separation with minimal pressure loss. A zero loss Eco-Drain is standard to automatically remove the captured moisture.



Electronic Thermal Management System

The innovative Electronic Thermal Management system dynamically regulates fluid temperature to avoid internal condensation build-up, eliminating a common cause of lubricant degradation.



Heat Recovery Ready

Compressing air converts the electrical energy you pay for into heat. The ASD to CSD series are available with a heat recovery option to easily recover up to 76% of this energy. You can harness addtional heat recovery by ducting exhaust air. In all, 9% of input energy is recovered as heat.

The ASD series can come ready to be connected to an internal plate-type heat exchanger; The BSD and CSD seris can be connected to an external heat exchanger or they can come with internal stainless steel plate type heat exchangers.